Welcoming our new occupational therapy students

Hello, Emma and Molly here, Occupational Therapy students from the University of Brighton. We will be spending 6 weeks at Headway developing our understanding around brain injuries and using therapy skills and experience to help support clients. 

2 Occupational therapy students stood outside

The profession of Occupational Therapy promotes independence by supporting individuals to engage in activities that are meaningful to them. Traditionally Occupational Therapists (OTs) work within hospitals or Local Authorities. However, over recent years the profession has broadened and is venturing into more diverse areas such as working within charities like Headway. 

We recognise the challenges that Covid-19 has presented for Headway with sessions having to be delivered online or contact made by phone. However, we are excited as progressively more clients will be able to access face to face activity and support groups, increasing our opportunities to get involved and get to know client members. We have been planning a wellbeing and gardening group and will share information on this soon. Check-in for updates shortly.