Please vote for Headway at Tesco!


Headway, based in Newick, has successfully bid to bag a massive cash boost from the Tesco Bags of Help initiative. The supermarket Tesco has teamed up with Groundwork on its Bags of Help Initiative which see grants of £12,000, £10,000 and £8,000 – all raised from the 5p bag levy- being awarded to green space and environmental projects.

As Michele Fleming, Chief Executive Officer commented:
“We are most grateful to Tesco and Groundwork for this opportunity, and delighted to be shortlisted as our Day Centre is under constant and growing demand for facilities and resources dedicated to some of the community’s most vulnerable people. Many suffer multi-disabilities as a result of their condition so that outings are difficult, but a relaxing environment will provide the tranquillity and variety they need during what can be a long period of recovery for up to 30 Centre users a day. The renovated garden space and pond will provide a wonderful site for respite and enjoyment of the natural countryside in a way which is fully wheelchair-accessible”.

Three groups in each of Tesco’s 416 regions have been shortlisted to receive the cash award. This is the month that shoppers are being invited to head along and do their shop at Tesco stores so they can vote for the charity they think should win the top grant. To place a vote for Headway just go to the Burgess Hill Tesco Superstore and buy something – a anything from a stick of chewing gum to your large weekly shop – it doesn’t matter – you will still get a voting token you can use in store to vote.

Headway has been operating from its Newick Day Centre for nearly 30 years and helps provide a pioneering holistic mode of care for those with brain injuries across the region. It helps provide rehabilitation to ensure survivors of brain injury, caused by anything from strokes, tumours, falls and road traffic accidents – to regain independence and relearn daily living skills so they can return to work.

By voting for Headway shoppers can help the charity create a scenic and therapeutic water feature and natural garden space within their grounds which will be wheelchair accessible. This will help those recovering from brain injury, and their families and carers, to enjoy a much needed respite, allow their photographic group to record the setting which will feature a country garden encouraging birds and other wildlife to use the area.
Voting is open in stores from October 31st until November 13th. Customers will cast their vote using a token given to them at the check-out store each time they shop. This is the second round of the initiative: the first round saw around eight million shippers vote in stores up and down the country earlier this year.

Lindsey Crompton, Head of Community at Tesco said: “The first round of the Bags of Help initiative was a fantastic success. In total 1,170 community groups were awarded £8,000, £10,000 or £12,000. That’s a massive £11.7 million being invested in local projects.”