Headway UK extends ‘If in doubt sit it out’ campaign to include horseracing

Headway UK’s ‘If in doubt, sit it out’ campaign has been extended to include horseracing. The ongoing campaign focuses on concussion in sports.

Headway UK has highlighted the impact repeated minor head injuries can have.  Their advice for people who have experienced a minor head injury and play contact sports, seek medical advice before continuing to play.

The British Horseracing Authority (BHA) have teamed up with Headway UK and top jockeys Richard Johnson, Lizzie Kelly and Martin Dwyer to produce a poster campaign which raises awareness of concussion and links into the Headway #ConcussionAware programme.

In addition, the BHA have developed a pocket-sized head injury advice leaflet called H.E.A.D S.T.A.R.T. to recovery. The leaflet outlines how to manage a safe return to race riding after concussive head injury, with the contact details of support organisations.

British Horseracing Authority posters for concussion campaign

Do you have a stock of the H.E.A.D.S.T.A.R.T leaflets at your racecourse/stables?

If you require these leaflets, or know of anyone in the horseracing or riding world, please get in touch:

Telephone: 01825 724323
Email: info@headwayeastsussex.org.uk

Brain injury can happen in seconds but the residual symptoms can last a lifetime and be life changing. At Headway East Sussex, we help rebuild lives following brain injury.