Prevention, Providing Education and Raising Awareness

An important charitable function of Headway East Sussex is to raise awareness of the consequences of acquired brain injury and support initiatives to prevent or reduce the incidence. By involving our clients and carers in some of this work we are able to share first-hand experiences of living with a brain injury or caring for someone with a brain injury. Prevention, education and awareness-raising is achieved in a number of ways:

  • We run free educational workshops and coffee mornings for relatives and carers to learn more about the functions of the brain and understand the consequences of injury. This enables people to support their relative through the recovery process and develop strategies to support themselves and their loved-one in managing some of the symptoms of brain injury
  • We provide training to other statutory and non-statutory organisations through formal programmes and informal presentations at staff/team meetings
  • In November 2014 we co-hosted a national conference on ABI at The Amex Stadium in Brighton. Building on its success we plan to run an annual conference aimed at clinicians and professionals working in the field of brain injury. This provides an opportunity for professionals to increase their skills and knowledge, promote new initiatives and share good practice
  • Working in partnership with other organisations and professionals we support road safety campaigns including schools programmes to promote the wearing of cycle helmets for younger children and safe driving campaigns for older pupils (“Safe Drive Stay Alive”).
  • We raise awareness of brain injury to different professionals groups by supporting student education. We have links with a number of Higher Education Establishments and regularly provide clinical and professional practice placements for pre-registration students in counselling, occupational therapy, nursing and social work. We are also a recognised placement provider for police students and are keen to work with other professional groups such as Speech & Language Therapy or psychology.