Welcome to Headway Sussex

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Headway East Sussex and Headway West Sussex have amalgamated their services. We are now known as Headway Sussex.

Headway Sussex offers rehabilitation and support services for people with acquired brain injuries, their families and carers. A brain injury can result from many different causes including stroke, accident, tumour, sporting injury or assault.

Covid-Safe Support – Face Masks at Headway

Although restrictions have changed at Headway we will continue to:

  • ask clients and visitors to wear masks in group settings
  • continue extra handwashing and use of sanitiser
  • limit close contact
  • let fresh air in
  • require testing in the case of any symptoms

We are asking everyone to follow this guidance. Thank you to all our clients and the staff team.

We provide a range of day services, offering tailored rehabilitation and reablement programmes, as well as a variety of advice and support services to those affected across the whole of Sussex including Brighton and Hove.

If you have a brain injury, or are caring for someone with a brain injury we are here to support and help you both practically and emotionally, so please take time to browse the information on this site, take a look at our video and give us a call for more details or advice.

If you are a professional looking for more information then visit Our Services section to find details of our services.

We accept referrals for adults with a confirmed diagnosis of acquired brain injury (i.e. an injury sustained since birth) resulting from any cause including stroke and traumatic brain injury. The person must be over 18 however, the injury can have occurred at any age.

Our carers services are open to anyone providing care or support to someone with a confirmed brain injury, irrespective of whether the person with the injury is known to us. This may include spouses, partners, parents, siblings, other family members or close friends.

Referrals can be made by anyone. Confirmation of brain injury will be sought from the person’s GP for self-referrals or referrals from a non-clinician.

We are affiliated to the national charity Headway UK.