Headway East Sussex’s website Privacy Policy

The personal details you submit via any form on this website will not be sold, rented or given away by anyone associated with Headway East Sussex.

Storage and use of information provided …

… via the Contact form

The personal details and message you provide via the Contact form will only be used for the purposes
of responding to your message if necessary.

Additionally, the email we receive that contains these details and message will only be
for as long as is necessary in order to respond to your enquiry satisfactorily.

… via the Newsletter sign-up forms

In order to email you the regular newsletter, we retain your name and email address as submitted.
The database that contains newsletter subscribers is not shared in any way outside Headway Hurstwood
Park and is stored offline (i.e., not on the Internet.).

Additionally, these personal details will be not be used to contact you for any other purpose unless
specifically authorised byyou.

Use of Cookies

If you make use of the website’s text size or contrast options, a small text file called a cookie will be set on your computer in order to remember your most recent text size or contrast preference. This small text file is used only for your convenience in order to implement your preference when you re-visit our website.
The cookie contains no personal information about you and is used for no other purpose than that
described above. It has a default ‘life’ of one year after which you will be required to choose your
text size or contrast preference again. Cookies can only be read by the site from which they originate,
so no other website will have access to the cookie.